The Daily Habits of a News Junkie

After a few days of really jotting down when and where I’ve used technology or accessed technology or even thought about accessing a technology, I got tired by about the third hour of the first day. Why? Because whether we like it or not technology consumes us and our lives.

Monday– Facebook has been accessed so many times I have lost count, BBC has alerted me to news stories about 15 times and I’ve scoured both it and NPR for a combined total of 3 or 4 hours today. I’ve played games on my hone a good solid combined 4 hours hopping between different strategy games. The Facebook messenger has been going off all day due to my connections to a group on campus that I am a secretary for, and have texted people all day.

That was my day in just very light detail and like I said before after just a few hours of logging I got tired rather quickly of having to do so Technology is so…interconnected into our lives that we don’t really realize when we’re using technology that 20 years ago didn’t even really exist. It’s fascinating, and makes me truly wonder when and if things will change.

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