BBC and its emerging new ways of story presentation (week 4)

Wow that is such a mouthful of a title! But it’s true. The BBC is an excellent news source for me, one of my favorites, mostly due to the fact that I find out about and am more informed about issues in my country far better from a foreign outlet than my own. It’s both worrisome and interesting.  But, this source also writes well, and writes to the readers of all countries.  It doesn’t just have breaking news on just local stories in the UK or even in Europe. There are numerous different beats on science, entertainment, sports, politics, war, etc. My favorite recent story and its presentation is a story about the recent find of gravitational waves within the black hole. There is both a link to the original article in this video presentation of the information.

What I love about this is that BBC not only wrote an original article, they created a video, and then linked not only their own overage but also linked the reader to other science articles related to or also about the same topic. This is revolutionary because used to journalism organizations and companies would compete to be the story that got read. Now, it’s like to survive in this world of journalism we all have to be somewhat cohesive, somewhat non-resistant to this “competition”. There really isn’t a real competition because we all rely upon one another for information far too much.

It’s interesting to think that this is probably only the beginning of new forms of news presentation. Soon maybe we’ll get holographic depictions of what went on and relive the events right in front of us. IT’s definitely a possibility.

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