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Considering I too am thinking of starting my own blog via nerd news and gaming, it wasn’t hard to connect with this blog! First off, the intent of the blog is evident in both the name and the catchphrase.

“Wolf’s Gaming Blog: Cutting through the bullshit of typical gaming journalism to deliver actual honest reviews.”

What a way to present to your audience! Honest from the very beginning with slight vulgarity? Rated M for Mature.

But right away the blog isn’t scary to navigate. With an easy to read navigation bar up top it isn’t hard to find the category youre looking for. And if you scroll down you can easily access the post you’re looking for. It looks very user friendly.

But the blog not only reviews games but has interviews, reviews movies, board games, essentially it seems like more than just an honest game review blog site! It is a nerd news site! It linked out to different blogs as well as lists where other places have linked to it. Everything iss very crisp, very professional, and very organized.

When clicking on one article, let’s choose the Lego Marvel Avenger’s Review, it goes all out on the review.

“Platforms: Xbox One, PC, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 (Also available on WiiU and DS. This review does not apply to those.)
Reviewed On: Xbox One
Developer: TT Games
Publisher: Warner Bros.
Singleplayer: Yes
Multiplayer: No”

It right away lists the platforms it is on, lists the platform it was reviewed on, and clarifies whether or not this review would be valid on the other platforms. It also lists specs and certain aspects of the game that might be important to the actual player, realizing this review might make or break the reader buying it. Stellar!

The review then goes into high detail about the developer, the franchise, the game, and reasons as to why people may or may not like the game and then pros and cons to the game itself. But they do it in a way that isn’t over cliche, but isn’t mediocre. It’s professional, to the point, but still informative.

These are all things I love, and hope to accomplish in my own blog! The fact that it has the content I want draws me to it but what really inspires me is the fact that it’s so simple it’s perfect. Design, writing, you name it. It’s not overly complicated or over designed.

So if you’ve got a chance, check out Wolf’s Gaming Blog, especially if you’re unsure about a future game purchase.


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