How use phone? (Week 8)

So last week I really monitored more of what social media sites I used and how often I used them. This week, it’s just my phone use in general. I can say that it’s really about the same as last week. However, I have noticed that this week I’ve been more attached to my phone. I’ve mostly used it for social media, but mostly to check on news. I also have become addicted to two different games:

Neko Atsune and Sudoku!

I love puzzle games, so Sudoku has been draining almost all of my battery, but Neko atsune is just simply a cat collecting game. You literally have a cat yard, cats visit, give you currency, and then you use that to buy more yard space or more interesting cat things and you attract more and more cats.

It’s the most adorable thing, ever.


Otherwise I’ve hardly used it for texting. It’s mostly been email as my main form of communication. Or I’ve messaged others on facebook. I’ve found that my phone use has become very…neutral. I don’t really use it for super personal communication.

However as I begin to network and actually move into my house and such,  I imagine I’ll be using it more and more for communicating with friends, and less playing sudoku and collecting cats. I don’t really see myself not using any apps, because I’m good about keeping certain apps on my phone only if I use them often, so my phone doesnt get cluttered.

Hopefully, I can gt away from the addiction of cat-collecting, but otherwise I don’t see my phone usage changing a whole lot.

Social Media and It’s Usage (Week 7)

So in this day and age we are practically glued to our phones searching twitter, Facebook, tumblr, snapchat, and all other forms of social media that are coming out. For the last week I’ve really tracked and judged what I do on my phone. The majority of my phone use was rather boring. With my busy schedule my phone isn’t really used for texting as much as I used to, so it was really dominated by social media, and game apps. So besides getting excited at the new cats that show up on my Neko Atsune game, and Kleptocats, I mostly browsed Facebook, tumblr, and BBC news.

Yes, that’s right, I scour BBC news in my spare time more than I do Facebook. Mostly because sometimes I don’t really care about what’s going on in other people’s lives, I care about what is going on in the world. And that actually really surprised me. I actually didn’t notice I read so much on BBC until my boyfriend pointed out to me my phone was dying because I’d been on BBC for the last hour and a half. I guess I also feel this obligation TO my friends on Facebook. I often share the articles I read onto Facebook and my friends like, comment, share, and discuss with me about the content of the article. THey also rely upon me to get them the best information on the subjects. Usually the most well written and reported upon articles are from the BBC, but I would rather get news from their than any American News-Source.

But this is sort of how I really, truly, connect with friends and relatives any more. We discuss news, what’s going on, and how we might be affected, or how we can help others. It’s interesting, and definitely showing the fact Im proud to be studying journalism.

#bestofdigitaldesign Thoughts and Feelings (week 6)

When trying to choose a story from the #bestofdigitaldesign tag I really wanted soemthing that captured my attention in a unique way, but also a very bold yet simplistic way. I chose a post by @seattlesketcher.

I feel that this graphic hits home this year for alot of what has been happening in our country. It shows the brutality of police, and the fact that many officers get away with brutality with little or no consequence to them. They have free reign. Just from one picture, a viewer on any device can instantly recognize and know the story, yet still be interested enough to read and follow-up. I enjoy this experience, on both computer and phone, because it allows me to take in this information at my own pace, leisure, and allows me to explore this story. Multimedia was used well, but not perfect. IT is after all just an image, albeit a powerful one. However it was so pwerfully engaging, and captured my attention. It let me experience the story in a new, bolder way. It almost made me feel guilty. That one tiny orange dot of guilt!

How dare you tiny orange dot.

But I realize it might not be personal guilt, but rather guilt towards that idea that 213 people were killed by a police officer and only one was charged. Morally if you kill someone unjustly, you are a murderer and deserve to be put on trial at least, and charged with something.

But I loved this graphic and story. Moving, telling, and a wonderful design.