How use phone? (Week 8)

So last week I really monitored more of what social media sites I used and how often I used them. This week, it’s just my phone use in general. I can say that it’s really about the same as last week. However, I have noticed that this week I’ve been more attached to my phone. I’ve mostly used it for social media, but mostly to check on news. I also have become addicted to two different games:

Neko Atsune and Sudoku!

I love puzzle games, so Sudoku has been draining almost all of my battery, but Neko atsune is just simply a cat collecting game. You literally have a cat yard, cats visit, give you currency, and then you use that to buy more yard space or more interesting cat things and you attract more and more cats.

It’s the most adorable thing, ever.


Otherwise I’ve hardly used it for texting. It’s mostly been email as my main form of communication. Or I’ve messaged others on facebook. I’ve found that my phone use has become very…neutral. I don’t really use it for super personal communication.

However as I begin to network and actually move into my house and such,  I imagine I’ll be using it more and more for communicating with friends, and less playing sudoku and collecting cats. I don’t really see myself not using any apps, because I’m good about keeping certain apps on my phone only if I use them often, so my phone doesnt get cluttered.

Hopefully, I can gt away from the addiction of cat-collecting, but otherwise I don’t see my phone usage changing a whole lot.

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