New News! (Week 9)

So, I almost always get my news from BBC because lately BBC has been the only truly reliable news source.

However, for this week I decided to try Flipboard and Facebook paper.

I didn’t really enjoy either of them. But then again I am one who does not like picking certain categories to see, and then not seeing the bad things. I feel like too many people cater their news so they dont have to see conflicting viewpoints, which is just terrible. One should always be open to change! I more so found stuff on Flipboard more to my liking than Facebook paper. It had more of an entertainment value though. I had more entertainment news than world news, and I disliked that. However over all it was a good experience.

However, I will not cntinue to use flipboard. I can not change my routine for this app. Once I find something extremely reliable, it’s hard to change for me. Even though I DID customize these apps, I did not find them to my taste or liking. I like having true news, like BBC. And even though these apps did have news, it didn’t feel new.

So I will not be continuing this app, but I did appreciate the experience.


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