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Long tail Media!

What really is Long tail media? Long tail media, in its base definition, is “some distribution of numbers is the portion of the distribution having a large number of occurrences far from the “head” or central part of the distribution.” This distribution involves popularity, random numbers of occurrences of events with various probabilities, etc. Many internet companies have used this “business model” Ebay, Google, Amazon, iTunes, Audible, LoveFilm, etc. So basically, over the internet, this long tail via mass media affects culture and mass media usage.



But this long tail creates an era of prosperity for a certain number of businesses. Facebook, Netflix, streaming sites, media that can be consumed on the regular!

The term long tail was coined by Cooper Anderson in 2004, editor of  Wired magazine.  “Anderson observed that products that are in low demand or have low sales volume can collectively make up a market share that rivals or exceeds the relatively few current bestsellers and blockbusters, if the store or distribution channel is large enough … The Long Tail is a potential market, and successfully tapping in to that long tail market is often enabled by the distribution and sales channel opportunities the Internet creates…”

Essentially the long tail is a business model that was created due to the creation of Web 2.0. The internet had changed the economy and the way business is run so much, it essentially created a more prosperous business model for certain types of media, product, etc.

“The Long Tail has strong implications for culture and politics. Where the opportunity cost of inventory storage and distribution is high, only the most popular products are sold. But where the Long Tail works, minority tastes are catered, and individuals are offered greater choice.

In situations where popularity is determined by the lowest common denominator, the Long Tail will thus lead to improvement in a society’s level of culture. Television is a good example of this: TV stations have limited time slots, so the opportunity cost of each time slot is high; stations therefore choose programs that have the broadest appeal. But as the number of TV stations grows or TV programming is distributed through other digital channels, the choice of TV programs grows and the cultural level rises…”

–Chris Anderson

New News! (Week 9)

So, I almost always get my news from BBC because lately BBC has been the only truly reliable news source.

However, for this week I decided to try Flipboard and Facebook paper.

I didn’t really enjoy either of them. But then again I am one who does not like picking certain categories to see, and then not seeing the bad things. I feel like too many people cater their news so they dont have to see conflicting viewpoints, which is just terrible. One should always be open to change! I more so found stuff on Flipboard more to my liking than Facebook paper. It had more of an entertainment value though. I had more entertainment news than world news, and I disliked that. However over all it was a good experience.

However, I will not cntinue to use flipboard. I can not change my routine for this app. Once I find something extremely reliable, it’s hard to change for me. Even though I DID customize these apps, I did not find them to my taste or liking. I like having true news, like BBC. And even though these apps did have news, it didn’t feel new.

So I will not be continuing this app, but I did appreciate the experience.


How use phone? (Week 8)

So last week I really monitored more of what social media sites I used and how often I used them. This week, it’s just my phone use in general. I can say that it’s really about the same as last week. However, I have noticed that this week I’ve been more attached to my phone. I’ve mostly used it for social media, but mostly to check on news. I also have become addicted to two different games:

Neko Atsune and Sudoku!

I love puzzle games, so Sudoku has been draining almost all of my battery, but Neko atsune is just simply a cat collecting game. You literally have a cat yard, cats visit, give you currency, and then you use that to buy more yard space or more interesting cat things and you attract more and more cats.

It’s the most adorable thing, ever.


Otherwise I’ve hardly used it for texting. It’s mostly been email as my main form of communication. Or I’ve messaged others on facebook. I’ve found that my phone use has become very…neutral. I don’t really use it for super personal communication.

However as I begin to network and actually move into my house and such,  I imagine I’ll be using it more and more for communicating with friends, and less playing sudoku and collecting cats. I don’t really see myself not using any apps, because I’m good about keeping certain apps on my phone only if I use them often, so my phone doesnt get cluttered.

Hopefully, I can gt away from the addiction of cat-collecting, but otherwise I don’t see my phone usage changing a whole lot.

Social Media and It’s Usage (Week 7)

So in this day and age we are practically glued to our phones searching twitter, Facebook, tumblr, snapchat, and all other forms of social media that are coming out. For the last week I’ve really tracked and judged what I do on my phone. The majority of my phone use was rather boring. With my busy schedule my phone isn’t really used for texting as much as I used to, so it was really dominated by social media, and game apps. So besides getting excited at the new cats that show up on my Neko Atsune game, and Kleptocats, I mostly browsed Facebook, tumblr, and BBC news.

Yes, that’s right, I scour BBC news in my spare time more than I do Facebook. Mostly because sometimes I don’t really care about what’s going on in other people’s lives, I care about what is going on in the world. And that actually really surprised me. I actually didn’t notice I read so much on BBC until my boyfriend pointed out to me my phone was dying because I’d been on BBC for the last hour and a half. I guess I also feel this obligation TO my friends on Facebook. I often share the articles I read onto Facebook and my friends like, comment, share, and discuss with me about the content of the article. THey also rely upon me to get them the best information on the subjects. Usually the most well written and reported upon articles are from the BBC, but I would rather get news from their than any American News-Source.

But this is sort of how I really, truly, connect with friends and relatives any more. We discuss news, what’s going on, and how we might be affected, or how we can help others. It’s interesting, and definitely showing the fact Im proud to be studying journalism.

#bestofdigitaldesign Thoughts and Feelings (week 6)

When trying to choose a story from the #bestofdigitaldesign tag I really wanted soemthing that captured my attention in a unique way, but also a very bold yet simplistic way. I chose a post by @seattlesketcher.

I feel that this graphic hits home this year for alot of what has been happening in our country. It shows the brutality of police, and the fact that many officers get away with brutality with little or no consequence to them. They have free reign. Just from one picture, a viewer on any device can instantly recognize and know the story, yet still be interested enough to read and follow-up. I enjoy this experience, on both computer and phone, because it allows me to take in this information at my own pace, leisure, and allows me to explore this story. Multimedia was used well, but not perfect. IT is after all just an image, albeit a powerful one. However it was so pwerfully engaging, and captured my attention. It let me experience the story in a new, bolder way. It almost made me feel guilty. That one tiny orange dot of guilt!

How dare you tiny orange dot.

But I realize it might not be personal guilt, but rather guilt towards that idea that 213 people were killed by a police officer and only one was charged. Morally if you kill someone unjustly, you are a murderer and deserve to be put on trial at least, and charged with something.

But I loved this graphic and story. Moving, telling, and a wonderful design.

Wolf’s Gaming Blog: A Dissection

Considering I too am thinking of starting my own blog via nerd news and gaming, it wasn’t hard to connect with this blog! First off, the intent of the blog is evident in both the name and the catchphrase.

“Wolf’s Gaming Blog: Cutting through the bullshit of typical gaming journalism to deliver actual honest reviews.”

What a way to present to your audience! Honest from the very beginning with slight vulgarity? Rated M for Mature.

But right away the blog isn’t scary to navigate. With an easy to read navigation bar up top it isn’t hard to find the category youre looking for. And if you scroll down you can easily access the post you’re looking for. It looks very user friendly.

But the blog not only reviews games but has interviews, reviews movies, board games, essentially it seems like more than just an honest game review blog site! It is a nerd news site! It linked out to different blogs as well as lists where other places have linked to it. Everything iss very crisp, very professional, and very organized.

When clicking on one article, let’s choose the Lego Marvel Avenger’s Review, it goes all out on the review.

“Platforms: Xbox One, PC, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 (Also available on WiiU and DS. This review does not apply to those.)
Reviewed On: Xbox One
Developer: TT Games
Publisher: Warner Bros.
Singleplayer: Yes
Multiplayer: No”

It right away lists the platforms it is on, lists the platform it was reviewed on, and clarifies whether or not this review would be valid on the other platforms. It also lists specs and certain aspects of the game that might be important to the actual player, realizing this review might make or break the reader buying it. Stellar!

The review then goes into high detail about the developer, the franchise, the game, and reasons as to why people may or may not like the game and then pros and cons to the game itself. But they do it in a way that isn’t over cliche, but isn’t mediocre. It’s professional, to the point, but still informative.

These are all things I love, and hope to accomplish in my own blog! The fact that it has the content I want draws me to it but what really inspires me is the fact that it’s so simple it’s perfect. Design, writing, you name it. It’s not overly complicated or over designed.

So if you’ve got a chance, check out Wolf’s Gaming Blog, especially if you’re unsure about a future game purchase.

BBC and its emerging new ways of story presentation (week 4)

Wow that is such a mouthful of a title! But it’s true. The BBC is an excellent news source for me, one of my favorites, mostly due to the fact that I find out about and am more informed about issues in my country far better from a foreign outlet than my own. It’s both worrisome and interesting.  But, this source also writes well, and writes to the readers of all countries.  It doesn’t just have breaking news on just local stories in the UK or even in Europe. There are numerous different beats on science, entertainment, sports, politics, war, etc. My favorite recent story and its presentation is a story about the recent find of gravitational waves within the black hole. There is both a link to the original article in this video presentation of the information.

What I love about this is that BBC not only wrote an original article, they created a video, and then linked not only their own overage but also linked the reader to other science articles related to or also about the same topic. This is revolutionary because used to journalism organizations and companies would compete to be the story that got read. Now, it’s like to survive in this world of journalism we all have to be somewhat cohesive, somewhat non-resistant to this “competition”. There really isn’t a real competition because we all rely upon one another for information far too much.

It’s interesting to think that this is probably only the beginning of new forms of news presentation. Soon maybe we’ll get holographic depictions of what went on and relive the events right in front of us. IT’s definitely a possibility.

The Daily Habits of a News Junkie

After a few days of really jotting down when and where I’ve used technology or accessed technology or even thought about accessing a technology, I got tired by about the third hour of the first day. Why? Because whether we like it or not technology consumes us and our lives.

Monday– Facebook has been accessed so many times I have lost count, BBC has alerted me to news stories about 15 times and I’ve scoured both it and NPR for a combined total of 3 or 4 hours today. I’ve played games on my hone a good solid combined 4 hours hopping between different strategy games. The Facebook messenger has been going off all day due to my connections to a group on campus that I am a secretary for, and have texted people all day.

That was my day in just very light detail and like I said before after just a few hours of logging I got tired rather quickly of having to do so Technology is so…interconnected into our lives that we don’t really realize when we’re using technology that 20 years ago didn’t even really exist. It’s fascinating, and makes me truly wonder when and if things will change.

Am I a Digital Native?


The first time I ever actually touched something of large technological value it was a large blocky computer, and it was a game with graphics that back then were considered high tech. Roller Coaster Tycoon. That was when I first really discovered technology, was through computer gaming. After that it all seems to really blurr together, from when my dad got his first cellphone, to playing the Gamecube. Because even though the memory is fuzzy, I can still remember the way my dad’s beeper sounded when he had to call someone even if he had already gotten home from work. It just sort of went from one day there being nothing to having a SNES, a N64, a Gamecube, a computer, a playstation 2, and so many other devices. I remember the first time I got onto the internet was still during the time when if someone was expecting a call you couldnt get on because your internet would take up the phone lines somehow.

When it comes to technology I’m quite comfortable and not at all intimidated. Frankly I’ll be quite lost and confused when first fiddling with a new program or software or device but after a few tries of fiddling and probably eventually reading a manual or watching a tutorial, I can learn a lot on my own. Technology is fast and growing and I can not be stuck in the mindset of being afraid to try new things. If I want to survive in the world of journalism or even just the basic human world I have to learn to adapt just like the majority are already doing. Overall on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the most comfortable 10 being absolutely terrified, I am definitely a solid 1.

My interest level in the technological world is quite high, especially in gaming. Virtual reality is most definitely becoming a thing now a days and I cant really wait to see where it heads. There are so many avenues for new technology, especially in the gaming world, that I want to be front and center to watch it happen. My only anxiety is that I wont be…quick enough or I won’t be bold enough to step forward. My own shyness is my only real anxiety besides one day being outmatched in my adaptation levels to new technology. I’m anxious that one day I will be the outdated technology, and that’s scary but also exciting and just pushes me more towards the idea that if I want to survive I have to be able to keep adapting and using these new technologies. I’m also just anxious. Plain anxiety is scary enough, let’s NOT add in new ingredients to the mix.