Get to know the Fox behind the Paw


My name is Kora Wilson. I am a 21 year old witch and currently a Junior at Ball State majoring in Journalism with a concentration in graphics. I enjoy writing, am an avid photographer, love sports, and am a huge nerd-news enthusiast. I first got into graphics by mistaking one program for another. I visited Ball State and met with two journalism professors, telling me about this graphics program they had. But when it came time to apply for college, I couldn’t remember which program it was. So I ended up applying to the art program. After getting in and coming to orientation, and asking after this particular set of professors, I realized where I truly was meant to be was the journalism department. I have played sports and watch every type except for hockey. I’m a huge animal lover, and have owned almost every kind of critter. I have worked with Unified Media, the Daily News, ┬áBYTE, and Society for Earth-Based Religions. I’m an avid gamer, both console and tabletop, and I would love to be able to write and report on what I truly connect with. My biggest dream is to be a writer or designer for BBC or IGN and G4.